Outplacement services from Ramsey Hall Career Management

Ramsey Hall Career Manageent (RHCM) work with corporate clients and individuals to provide outplacement support for people undergoing career transition.

Support delivered flexibility

Nobody understands the recruitment and talent management market more than RH Careers. This is because we have been outplacement advisors since 1991. Therefore, our outplacement experts have a great depth of knowledge and industry contacts. Moreover, we can tailor our career management services around individual requirements.

Our offices are situated in Southampton, Manchester and London. Our teams can travel to sites anywhere in the UK and globally.

We are Cost Effective because, let’s face it, cost is an important consideration. We guarantee to be competitive and provide a degree of flexibility around the outplacement solution which can be based on budget.  Please see our Blog for the latest news and views from RH Careers. Alternatively, for examples of our assignments please see our case studies.

Why use outplacement support?

The business case for outplacement support is clear from a corporate perspective:


It’s the right thing to do from a CSR and human capital perspective. Supportive and caring employers always perform better than their less interested rivals. We are able to guarantee high levels of professionalism and fast and effective care.


Corporate reputations matter and must be protected. This will help retain employees who are not redundant and maintain stakeholder moral. Your employer brand is important and too precious to be lost because of restructuring. Ask any organisation about the costs of reputational damage!


Minimal damage to the brand, maintained employee and stakeholder engagement is financially sound. This is because staff turnover amongst survivors is reduced if they see their former colleagues are being treated to external job support via outplacement.

Be part of something bigger

Part of a wider Talent Management & Human Capital Consulting Group

Our outplacement coaches work with colleagues from our sister practice, The Occupational Psychology Group and our executive resourcing teams who work for Ramsey Hall Talent Management.

Outplacement is just one of our talent management advisory services which help organisations and individuals maximise their potential and performance.

Wider talent management

Trading since 1993, The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) works in partnership with CEB as a trusted CEB Premium Partner. The OPG delivers specialist psychometric assessments and online personality tests from the leading publishers in behavioural psychology.

Outplacement support for corporates

Our outplacement support and career management programmes are tailored for different situations and different client needs. All assignments include unlimited telephone support until successful career transition and a personalised service which attends to individual needs.

All this from a consultancy which has been helping clients recruit, select and develop their people capabilities for over 25 years.

Individual solutions

Increasingly, Ramsey Hall Career Management is engaged by individuals going through a career transition. Alternatively, they may be preparing for promotion or career change in the foreseeable future. Outplacement for private individuals involves focussed careers counselling and support around you, the participant. With our help we can reduce the stress of career change and provide expert advice which helps you achieve success in good time.

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