Outplacement / Career Counselling for individuals

Increasingly, Ramsey Hall Career Management is engaged by individuals going through a career transition.

Who we are

Increasingly, Ramsey Hall Career Management (RH Careers) is engaged by individuals going through a career transition. Alternatively, they may be preparing for promotion or career change in the foreseeable future. Outplacement for private individuals involves focussed careers counselling and support around you: the participant.

With our help you can reduce the stress of career change and receive expert advice which helps you achieve success quickly. See our case studies for examples of how we help clients make their career transition. Or see our blog for our latest news and views on the jobs market.

What we offer

Outplacement support for managers may include assistance with:

  • A one on one outplacement support package bespoke to you
  • Access to our knowledge base of recruiters and employers
  • A focussed CV writing service based on helping you get ahead in a crowded market
  • Psychometric assessment to support CV preparation and interviews
  • A match with an expert consultant who understands what you are going through
  • Face to face contact time and unlimited telephone support until placed
  • We will come to you at a time and place which is mutually agreeable

The cost

The cost will depend on your needs and is tailored to your circumstances. Contact us now to get a quote and begin the journey towards your next role

Why engage a Career Counsellor/outplacement consultant?

  1. Our Career Counsellors have a proven track record in helping clients find the right career move
  2. We understand the jobs market, the mindset of corporate recruiters and recruitment consultants. This means we can help you get noticed and get ahead
  3. Ramsey Hall have been at the forefront of making careers work since 1991
  4. Above all, you will benefit from our unlimited support until you find your ideal career opportunity

Our bespoke solutions

Our team creates bespoke solutions around your needs and career aspirations. We have the knowledge and contacts needed to make sure you reach your next career destination quickly.

All our participants are highly valued clients and we help them until placed. That is our guarantee.

Outplacement support for corporates

Our outplacement support programmes are tailored for different situations and different client needs. All programmes include unlimited telephone support until successful career transition, and a personalised service which attends to individual needs.

Outplacement help for an individual whose career had been blown off track

Often life’s events dictate an individual’s circumstances. These can be made worse if it impacts an individual’s work/life balance. Engaging outplacement support is even more important when the participant is facing adverse personal circumstances.

Our participant client had taken time off work to care for a sick relative. He had resigned from his job to facilitate this. Six months later and his personal situation had changed. He was, therefore, back in the job market. Outplacement support was still on offer as part of his severance package. He approached Ramsey Hall Career Management as he wanted to work with a respected outplacement consultancy who could afford him the one on one attention he needed.

In the mind of the participant the main concern was the missing time without a job. Also, he was concerned that his personal financial situation was rapidly deteriorating.  He therefore needed significantly more support from his outplacement coach than just job hunting advice.

Outplacement designed around you

Our career coach met the participant for a coffee and a chat to understand his situation in greater detail. The immediate need was to provide details for the participant around available benefits and financial advice. Our outplacement consultants are not financial advisors and so our support was largely around pointing him at the right governmental sources. This may seem simplistic, but it was not something the candidate had even considered.

Secondly, psychometric assessment was set up to help understand the participant’s strengths and career objectives. This was fed back to the participant with guidance on how the competencies might be incorporated into his CV. A week later and the CV was ready for releasing to the market.

Our career coach then worked with the participant on a one on one basis to target his CV at relevant recruiters, to review his social media and to prepare for placement.

Notwithstanding that he had not been working for about 9 months, it took just three months from the time we started working with him for him to make the transition. All agreed that this was because Ramsey Hall Career Management’s team had the outstanding knowledge and experience to give him a game-changing advantage in the market.

Focused, business orientated, but personal careers advisory gives participants the help they need to make a successful career transition.

The Occupational Psychology Group

Trading since 1993, The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) works in partnership with CEB as a trusted CEB Premium Partner. The OPG delivers specialist psychometric assessments and online personality tests from the leading publishers in behavioural psychology.

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