Outplacement Support for Corporates

Our outplacement support programmes are tailored for different situations and different client needs.

Who we are

All Ramsey Hall Careers Management (RH Careers) programmes include unlimited telephone support until successful career transition and a personalised service which attends to individual needs.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes described on this page are for corporate organisations who are engaging an outplacement provider.

Group Outplacement Programmes.

Manager One – One Outplacement

Outplacement and Careers Advisory


When redundancies and restructuring become a necessity the ‘fall out’ internally and externally can be hard. Ramsey Hall Career Management (RH Careers) is on hand to provide cost effective outplacement consultancy. Our Bronze programme is based on a group format for cohorts of up to 10 participants. This includes workshop based outplacement support. Additionally, every participant receives one on one support around their CV and personal needs.

We actively avoid the ‘sausage factory’ employed by many of the larger outplacement organisations. Instead, we prefer to tailor our workshop outplacement support to the individual needs of the participants.


The Manager Outplacement programme is a one on one outplacement support programme. This allows for a highly focussed and bespoke approach to outplacement provision.

Typically held over three to five sessions. Our career transition coaches will spend time understanding the individual’s needs before agreeing an outplacement programme with the participant.

Support is ongoing until a successful transition is achieved. You may wish to view this case study.

Outplacement support for managers may include assistance with:

  • Psychometric assessment, feedback and career discussions
  • CV writing and preparation
  • LinkedIn and other social media ‘personal branding’
  • Help targeting job boards
  • The informal job markets
  • Onboarding and adjusting


Executive Outplacement and Strategic Careers Advisory consultants work with board and senior management executives. These programmes provide C suite career transition. They also provide onboarding support post hire.

Our Executive Outplacement Programme is led by Phil Boyle. Following a 20-year career as a pilot with the RAF, he initially entered management consultancy with a Mayfair based consultancy. He became an executive search consultant with Hoggett Bowers. In 1991, he was a founding partner at Ramsey Hall. He is a past President and past Chairman of the global Royal Aeronautical Society. He routinely operates at the highest levels. Well known, and very well connected, Phil has worked as a career coach at senior levels for over 20 years.

At RH Careers we truly understand the need for discretion. Our tailor-made approaches and, above all, our knowledge and understanding of the executive search industry marks us out. Our outstanding board recruitment market pedigree gives us a real edge in a crowded market. Executive Career Counselling requires specialist expertise that many providers simply do not have.

Our Executive Career Counselling is always bespoke but will usually include:

i. In depth analysis of career aspirations, motivation and focus, typically using psychometric assessment.

ii. Coaching around Career aspirations, opportunities for non-executive directorships/portfolio careers etc.

iii. Finding the next board or executive position – we have a strong network and detailed knowledge of relevant head hunters across multiple sectors.

iv. Building a personal brand – including CV writing and social media support.

v. Executive coaching and interview preparation.

vi. Support for setting up consultancy businesses and entering the interim market.

vii. Unlimited telephone support until successful career transition is achieved.

Phil Boyle outplacement director

Phil Boyle – Managing Director

Our MD Phil is a Chartered Engineer with first class degrees in engineering and maths, a Masters in Avionics Systems and another in Management Sciences accordingly. He is also Hogan HPI, HDS, MVPI and CEBOPQ accredited and similarly, BPS Level A/Level B+ qualified in psychometrics. At the same time, a past president of the global Royal Aeronautical Society(RAeS), and a charity trustee for over 20 years. Phil chaired the RAeS’s Board of Trustees from 2012 to 2017 and in addition in 2003 Phil had been awarded the Society’s Sir Robert Hardingham Sword for outstanding service.

Outplacement / Career Counselling for individuals

Increasingly, RH Careers is engaged by individuals going through a career transition. Alternatively, they may be preparing for promotion or career change in the foreseeable future.

 The Occupational Psychology Group

Trading since 1993, The Occupational Psychology Group (The OPG) works in partnership with CEB as a trusted CEB Premium Partner. The OPG delivers specialist psychometric assessments and online personality tests from the leading publishers in behavioural psychology.

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